WMNS Air Jordan 4 Canyon Purple — Get Yours Today For Under Retail

The Air Jordan 4 Canyon Purple releases on August 25th, 2022, for $200 in Womens sizing. The Jordan 4s have always been gaining more and more popularity with past releases. This release definitely has an interesting colorway.


This color-way features a purple overlay with mint green splatter outsoles. This is one of the first releases of a shoe with this colorway, will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Resell Prediction: $250

Overall, these are looking to be a 50/50. The color blocking is not great and overall demand is not there. You will be looking towards lunch money profit.

Since we are still early and a few months away from release, some of this information is subject to change. Always be sure to check StockX leading up to the drop for a more up-to-date resell estimation as we get closer to the launch date.


If you want to secure a pair TODAY, you now can. With our exclusive preorder, our members can get their hands on a pair for $205!

This offer is ONLY available by being a part of the Juiced community. But we have a special surprise for you guys, use code “MEDIUM” to access Juiced for FREE to not only to secure a pair of Air Jordan 4 Canyon Purple but to also get the the most exclusive information featuring sneakers, collectibles, NFTs, in-store finds, and so much more! Learn more here

What are preorders and how do they work?

Preorders are a simple way to get the most exclusive sneakers without having to wake up early for drops, set up your bots, and wait for restocks! Preorders for hyped pairs like this will never be near the highs of the market. Pairs will be guaranteed profit.

Preorders are done through our supplier, who is able to get thousands of pairs allowing for the discounted rate. Members can order through our store, guaranteeing a pair for themselves that they can keep for personal or sell for a profit. All it takes is for you to be a Juiced member, and you’ll have access to all of the upcoming preorders as well!

For a step by step guide, check here:

  • Please allow for 1–4 month shipping time from the release date.
  • All pairs are 100% authentic and are legit checked before shipment

“Juiced is the ultimate cookgroup a reseller needs, it has all the features possible. no other group has free cyber rentals, free proxies, free SNKRs accounts. Juiced always makes sure to provide the best customer service possible, and truly there is no other group like Juiced.” — Member Testimonials (@samplugs)

Social Media: Twitter|Instagram

Website: https://www.juicedio.com/

Email: support@juicedio.com




Start reselling.

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