Which Markets Should You Buy the Dip in Right Now?

From crypto to trading cards and sneakers, markets are down. They aren’t so far down to the point where you might be panicking but they’re down to the point where a lot of valuable collectibles are at a discount.

If you’re interested in a specific sneaker, trading card, or cryptocurrency, then you should be on the lookout at the time of writing this story because markets are low.

In these last 12–15 months, most markets have seen an all time high in value and have been near impossible to find a deal. It has been a seller’s market until recently. At the time of writing this, the markets have dipped to the point where buyers can find deals in almost every sector of the market.

Which sectors specifically are seeing the biggest dips that will more than likely bounce back in the future? It’s hard to give specific asset investment advice because technically anything could happen in the markets. But you can speculate about what might happen in the future.

Members of Juiced IO have a firm idea about where the markets will go in the future. From individual Pokemon cards to sneakers, members are being informed about where they should put their money, how long they should put it there, and how much risk they’re taking on by putting it there.

If you’re not already a member of Juiced IO then you’re missing out on instant information delivered straight to your Discord account, daily.

If you’re wondering which markets you should buy the dip for, here is some advice about which have fallen in value right now.

Pokemon cards, NBA cards, NFL cards. All of these have fallen in value significantly. Some specific cards and sealed sets have retained their value through this dip but the card market overall has seen a dip.

It’s easier to find sets sitting on shelves at Targets and Walmarts now than it was before. Yes, some still sell out but for the most part, cards have seen a drop in demand and a drop in value.

The sneaker market has also tanked a bit. Nike Dunks that were selling for around triple their retail value aren’t anymore.

Jordan 1 Highs and Lows have started to resell for less and collaboration sneakers have even seen a dip in value.

Keep in mind that not every pair of sneakers has dropped in value, but the entire market has seen a dip.

The entire digital currency market has seen a dip and this one came a little more recently. Bitcoin has dropped significantly in value but even many altcoins have seen a huge dip after seeing huge gains.

Bottom line
The bottom line is: buy, buy, buy. If you have the means to support yourself while also buying assets then now is the time to buy up items for the next few years.

If you like Pokemon cards, buy in. If you make money through sneakers, buy in. If you believe in crypto, buy in. Prices might go lower or might go back up sooner than later. Now is the time to start buying into the markets.

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