Where to Find Rare Funko Pops

Funko Pops are just as popular to resell as any other collectible. There are commons, rares, Chase Pops, and highly sought-after unique ones.

Finding Funko Pops might seem like it’s easy. After all, every time you head into a Walmart you see them right next to the cards section.

However, finding rare Funko Pops can be a bit more difficult. Rare Funko Pops are produced in limited quantities. You can snag rares by chance if you pass them in a store but your chances of doing that are low.

Realistically, finding an uncommon Funko Pop is easier to do if you look in the right places. Some of these places are well-known and others are a bit more off the grid.

Here’s what you need to know.

Hot Topic

One slept-on location for Funko Pops is Hot Topic. Not only do fewer people buy Funko Pops there but most people don’t even know the store has them.

Hot Topic is more of a clothing store but it does carry a ton of different collectibles and other merchandise. Not only that but it gets rare Funko Pops just like any other retailer. The only difference is that the rare collectibles at Hot Topic sit on the shelves a bit longer because fewer people are coming into the store to look for them there.

Always check your local Hot Topic for uncommon Funko Pops.


This retailer seems like a no-brainer but there is something about Funko Pops at Target that everyone should know.

For most of Target’s products, the employees have a release date for when they should stock the item on the shelf. This includes Funko Pops.

However, most of the time Target employees pay no mind to when they’re supposed to put collectibles such as Funko Pops out on shelves. This leaves a massive opportunity for Pops to hit shelves earlier than they were meant to at Target.

If you can get to these Funko Pops then you can be one of the earliest sellers of specific Pops and make more money from them.

Funko Pop website

Bet you didn’t expect this one.

Not only can you find rare Funko Pops on the company’s website but you can also buy super limited one-of-a-kind items there as well.

Just like any other brand or collectible company, Funko Pop makes specific Pops that they plan to sell once and sells them only on their website. If you’re one of the first people to purchase a limited Funko Pop from their site, you might quickly find yourself making a lot of money quickly because of how in-demand that Pop might wind up being.

It’s best to always check back on the Funko Pop website to see if the company is hosting any raffles, competitions, or upcoming releases for rare Pops. You’d be surprised how often the Funko Pop company releases rare one-of-a-kind items.

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