Tom Sachs NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive” Resell Predictions

How much money can you make with the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive” by Tom Sachs?

4 min readAug 31, 2022
NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive”

The Tom Sachs Nike Craft General Purpose Shoe “Archive” is set to release on September 2nd on Retail is set at $110 USD. Tom Sachs and Nike have released the General Purpose shoe following the “Mars Yard” Shoe. The Mars Yard 2.0 are currently sitting at over $5,650 in the resell market. The General Purpose shoe was created to be a shoe for everyone. A shoe that is a minimalist do-everything shoe. Marketed as a “boring shoe”, Sachs states that “your sneakers shouldn’t be the most exciting thing about you.”

With that in mind, how much can you make reselling the Tom Sachs NikeCraft General Purpose “Archive”?

Keep reading to find out the resell value of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive”.

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Details of the handwritten styling of the General Purpose Shoe “Archive”

Tom Sachs NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive” Information

Tom Sachs is an American sculptor who is known for his recreations of various Modern Icons. He has designed several shoes for Nike, including the Nike Mars Yard and the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Mars Yard Overshoe. His work often references pop culture and science fiction, and he has said that his goal is to “make things that look like they’re from the future.”

The newest color way of the Tom Sachs NikeCraft is a bolder design. Breathable knit base constructions are coupled with suede overlays that are both dyed in the color namesake. The clean white hue of the swooshes, laces, and interior liners contrasts nicely with the orange highlights provided by pull tabs positioned on the tongues and heels. Sachs branding is printed on the inside surfaces of the tongues, while Nike branding appears on the insoles, heels, and tongues.

To find out the profitability of the Tom Sachs “Archive” General Purpose shoe, read below.

Ad campaign of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive”

Tom Sachs NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Archive” Resell Predictions

Current resell prices are around $210 and above. With the success of the first NikeCraft General Purpose shoe, the “Archive” should hold very well in the resell market. Expect prices to dip $10 — $20 when pairs start coming in hand.

If eBay is your platform of sales, be sure to list it as a pre-order to maximize profit. As stated above, prices will dip once the shoes start arriving.

With its simple design and unique story, the NikeCraft General Purpose shoe is a full-send if your looking to flip for a profit.

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