Tips & Tricks For Hitting On Nike SNKRS

Not guaranteed to work, but will increase your chances

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Nike SNKRS is the guardian between you and sneaker glory. On one hand, the app is the gateway to accessing all kinds of sneakers directly from Nike. On the other hand, it can be extremely selective about who it lets buy kicks.

If you create an account as a manual user, your chances of copping different sneakers fluctuate as you use the app. For sneakers with less hype and larger stock numbers, you’re more likely to get the “Got ‘Em” screen because fewer people are going after the shoes you want.

However, for purchasing highly sought-after sneakers and even getting Exclusive Access to some shoes, you’re going to need a few tricks up your sleeve.

The good thing is none of these tricks are hard to do or require much work. The bad news is none of these tricks guarantee a purchase from your account on the SNKRS app. Let’s dig in.

Make multiple accounts

The first trick you can try is creating multiple Nike SNKRS accounts. It can be done by asking your family members to download the app and use their numbers to sign up.

From there, you can either log in to their accounts on additional mobile devices you have ot just ask them to enter draws for sneakers you want to buy. Either way is effective.

This works because the more accounts you have, the more entries you get into a draw. It’s like adding extra names to a hat, the odds become more in your favor.

Also, there is another benefit to creating a new account.

Create new accounts

Nike’s SNKRS app is constantly talking about how they value loyal members, but their marketing and sales departments say otherwise. They know how to target new accounts and keep them coming back for me.

They do it by allowing new accounts to get Exclusive Access to hype sneakers and letting them hit on shoes early and often. That’s why creating and using new accounts will always be in your best interest and a great trick for buying sneakers on the SNKRS app.

Nike is in the business of making money, just like any other company. And if the company is great at something other than creating sportswear, it’s making money. They know if they can hook new accounts on the SNKRS app by allowing them to purchase more releases, those same accounts are more likely to continue using the app and running back for more.

You can take advantage of this by creating and using new accounts.

Try being more active on the app

This is a tip that I can’t completely endorse. Actually, many people don’t believe in being more active on the app, but it can’t hurt to try, right?

Try hearting some sneakers you want, watching some of the stories, and just clicking the “Notify Me” buttons on upcoming sneakers. Don’t go all out on your activity on the app because Nike doesn’t really seem to care too much about how often users are on the SNKRS app.

Use a SNKRS bot

At the end of the day, there are SNKRS bots you can use to hit more consistently on the Nike SNKRS app. Yes, the company does have anti-bot software, but it’s not impossible for a bot to get by.

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Keep trying on Nike SNKRS

The more you don’t hit on the SNKRS app, the more likely you become “due” to hit, eventually. It might seem depressing after months of not hitting on the app but don’t give up. Keep entering for sneakers you want and you’ll see success come in waves.

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