The Current State of GPU Reselling

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The GPU craze started almost a year ago. From gamers wanting high-speed processes to cryptocurrency miners wanting the fastest most high-powered computing. GPUs were all the talk and it was impossible to get them. How sought after are these devices in today’s market though?

“Thankfully, it’s 2022, and all of that has chan — oh, sorry, literally nothing has changed and it’s still virtually impossible to buy a GPU. Great.” — Screen Rant


Currently, the market has seen a downturn fueled by a lot of negative news revolving around the environmental impact of mining as well as the overall bearish sentiment within the Cryptocurrency space right now.

Although the margins are not as high, and not as many GPUs are profitable there still is money to be made with select GPUs.

Many cashout services are also taking in GPUs such as: Cashout Kings, Maxy’s Cashout, and Apple Cashouts. With decent margins, if you are still able to get your hands on GPUs there is no reason not to!

Some of the most profitable GPUs currently are still the 3060, 3070, and 3080 series. Alongside this, AMD’s new line of the 6700, 6800, and 6900 GPUs are also quite profitable. Quick tip, AMD generally restocks every Thursday at around 10am EST via a queue-based release system! 😉

Another big factor that makes GPU reselling so worth it is the amount of volume of these devices! Even in the current market, selling GPUs should not be very difficult as you should have a large number of marketplaces to sell on!

Future Predictions

For now, it seems like the market has found a stable floor. It definitely won’t be a poor idea to keep an eye on for dips, but for the time being there is no reason to not sell GPUs!

However, similar to consoles, there will come a point where there is no longer a resell value associated with each product. When will that time come, who knows?

Do you want to start reselling GPUS? Read below ↓

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