The Current State of Console Reselling

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Consoles were initially released back in November 2020 and are still profitable today. Consoles have been a focus of Juiced this entire time, and we will cover the current consoles market!

A thousand pounds’ worth of Pokémon cards, two PlayStation 5s and a hundred pairs of designer trainers.That’s just what 18-year-old Jake (not his real name) has lying around in his bedroom.He’s part of a growing number of “scalpers” — people using online bots to buy and sell in-demand items.” — BBC News


Although with the close of 2021, we saw a considerable drop in the overall market for consoles, it is safe to say that we are now seeing the rise back up once again! 📈

With many Cashout services that had put a pause on their cash-out services, we are now seeing many of them starting back up and new increasing prices out every week!
Here are a few of the most popular services: Cashout Kings, Maxy’s Cashout, Project Cashouts

*Note: We are not affiliated with any of these services. This is also not a paid promotion.

Currently, you can still make around $100 profit for each PS5 Disc, $170 profit for each PS5 Digital, and $60 profit for each Xbox Series X. Not too bad! Don’t think consoles are dead just yet…

PS5 Disc Price History via StockX

Future Predictions

As much as we all wish console reselling could maintain at its current pace forever, that unfortunately is not possible. Time and time again, the market has surprised us by defying those speculating a total end in console selling back in March of 2021. It is clear that the overall demand has fallen almost a year later, but that should not be surprising news. With many retailers implementing ways to prevent bots, this allowed many regular consumers to get their hands on a console.

Our members have noticed an overall decrease in demand within local sales. This is something to be expected. With how hot consoles have been, there is no answer to “the end”; however, just be prepared for it to come sooner. The market for general consumers will be the first to die out (eBay, local sales, etc.), but this still leaves cash-out services. Their prices will slowly drop until all new consoles are found regularly in stores.

That being said, there’s no need to worry about that right now. Consoles are still very much profitable, and this is just a good note to keep in your head.

Do you want to start reselling consoles? Read below ↓

Juiced provides the most up-to-date and quick information and pings for console drops. If you want to get your hands on consoles, it is necessary to be a part of a group to be notified of upcoming and live restocks.

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