Retail Card Boxes Collecting Guide


The first time you hear “cello” pack, you might think of the instrument but instead, it’s really just a pack of cards wrapped in cellophane. Hence the term cello was born.

If you’ve ever drifted around the world of reselling cards then you know that there is certain terminoilogy that comes with the territory.

If you plan on diving into the world of card collecting or reselling then you’re going to need to know the terminology of the cards. It’ll better assist you in the buying and selling of these products and help you understand the market as well.

There are a couple main sports cards boxes or packs you need to be aware of:

  • Cellos
  • Blasters
  • Hangers
  • Megas

Master these four and everything else can take a backseat because of it’ll just be a deriviatve of one of these.

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As previously stated, cellos are simply cards wrapped in cellophane plastic. These will typically be the cheapest packs you find and will come with the fewest amount of cards.

For resellers, these packs are the cheapest on the aftermarket. Even if you have a set or brand that buyers really want and will pay for, the cello version of it will go for much less than any other kind of card box.

It’s good to keep that in mind as a reseller because it’s often that stores will limit the number of cards you can buy at once. If you have the choice to buy a cello or another kind of product, you’ll probably want to buy the other product to increase profit margin, depending on what set and product it is of course.


Blaster packs are a sealed box of cards containing a certain number of sealed packs inside. These packs inside could even be cello packs. Additionally, the number of cards within a blaster will vary by product.

As you can imagine, blasters are typically a bit more expensive than cellos and resell for a bit more money than them too. It’s because they come with more cards inside due to the fact that there are more packs inside.

Blaster is a super common term tossed around in the card community so it’s an important term to master for anyone who wants to get into the collecting community.

If you’re looking at TCG sets instead of sports cards, typically their equivalent to blasters are cardboard products with booster packs inside and promo cards.


Hangers are simple. It’s a box filled with packs that hang on a hanger. Hence the term hangers is used for these kinds of cards.

Hangers are similar to blasters and sometimes the term can even be exchanged between the two. The retail price of hangers is extremely similar to blasters in the sense that they aren’t as cheap as cellos, but they aren’t the most expensive product being produced by a company.

The resale price of hangers is also usually similar to blasters.

If you’re comparing it to a TCG card set, they aren’t usually called hangers but you can tell their hangers because guess what, they’ll be hanging. These are some of the simpler kinds of card packaging to learn, but still essential to understand.


Megas are mega boxes. Mega boxes are one of the highest numbers of cards you can get in a single product. You’ll typically find a box on a shelf with several card packs inside, and the number of packs depends on the product.

Mega boxes are one of the most expensive kinds of sealed product you can buy and they resell for the most money.

For example, a few months ago I bought a Mega box of Don Russ Optics 2020 football cards for $50 at Target. I immediately resold it for $200 on eBay.

But the same day I also bought blaster packs for $20 and could only get about $75 per pack.

That’s the difference in price ranges on the aftermarket for megas. Their retail price is higher, they’re more limited, and demand is high so their aftermarket prices are higher.

If you’re comparing megas to TCG games then they go buy a number of different names. One example is Pokemon. The “mega boxes” in Pokemon TCG are the Elite Trainer Boxes. They come with a variety of different packs, special cards, promo items and more.

In general, if you’re looking to make the most money from selling cards then mega boxes are going to be your best bet. Unfortunately, they are also the hardest products to find because everyone else goes after them too.

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