Benefits of Selling Pre-Orders on eBay

Reselling is a fun and profitable way to make money when you obtain an item that you know you can resell for more than what you paid.

However, what about obtaining an item online and waiting for it to come in? Aftermarket prices are up before you get the product but once it comes in, the aftermarket tanks because other resellers are undercutting you.

The main product that this problem happens with is sneakers. Resellers go through so much work to obtain sneakers, from using bots and proxies to virtual credit cards, that once you actually are able to confirm an order online, the resale market for that pair of shoes tanks before you get them in hand to sell.

What many sneaker resellers do is sell the shoes a day or two before they come in, but you won’t be the only reseller to do something like this and by that time the item is already starting to go down in value.

So then, how do you capitalize on the aftermarket resale price of an item like sneakers on the day you buy it? By selling pre-orders on eBay.

If you’re a Juiced IO member then you probably are already hearing a lot about how selling pre-orders on eBay can be profitable for you and what you need to do to make money from pre-orders. You’re also getting inside information on exactly which items you should sell with pre-orders, where to buy them, and when to list them.

On top of all that, Juiced IO members get access to exclusive bought partnerships and deals that you can’t find anywhere else. It makes the process of buying hyped sneakers and selling them for a profit much easier.

Going back to selling pre-orders on eBay, one of the main benefits is you get to sell them for market value at the time you list them. For example, say you sell you’re able to win a pair of sneakers from Nike SNKRS or Foot Locker and you get your email confirmation.

Immediately after that, you can hop onto eBay, list the item as a pre-order, or pre-sale, and then put it up for sale for the current selling price. Yes, many people do this and many buyers are willing to pay immediately after they miss out on getting a pair of sneakers they might’ve really wanted.

Make sure to adjust the handling time on your eBay listing so it doesn’t force you to ship your sneakers in 3 days. Typically, a 5 day handling time period should be fine but if you want you can list it up to 30 days for handling. It’s all about what you think might work for you.

On top of that, another major benefit of selling pre-orders on eBay is that you get paid instantly. You don’t have to wait until you get the sneakers and sell them to get paid. Once you make a sale, the money sits in your eBay account and is transferred to your bank account in a few days or depending on when you have your payments set up.

Yes, selling pre-orders is a little tricky at first but more than worth it if you really want to be a sneaker reseller or reseller in general.

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