NFTs Aren’t Dead, You Can Still Flip Them

A few months back, NFTs were at an all-time high. People knew nothing about them but were buying and selling them like crazy.

Fast forward to today and people still don’t know much about them but they aren’t buying and selling them like they were before. Transactions are still being made, but a redirection in the realm of NFTs is taking place.

Many people think NFTs are just GIFs, videos, images, or online art that you can replicate and copy. This isn’t true. They are all tied to the blockchain and that gives them their value and uniqueness.

However, art isn’t just limited to images and videos. It also includes music, video games, and more. This is where the future of NFTs is being redirected to. It won’t be about owning your favorite GIFs, but it will be about owning art that holds more value to your real life.

For example, say you play a video game that has a special item for your character, we’ll say a legendary sword. With NFTs, you’ll be able to own that legendary sword on the blockchain and give it to your character in the video game.

Another example would be music royalties. Lil Dicky was the first rapper to sell royalties to his song “Save Dat Money” and some average person who had nothing to do with the production or making of the song now owns some rights to it and can make money from it.

This is will continue to be built on as the value of NFTs in the future. These examples are just the beginning.

How you can make money from NFTs

Now the question about making money from NFTs comes into play. Knowing what you know about the future of NFTs, how can you profit from it?

You can jump on the train early. If you see an NFT that you think could be valuable in the future, find a way to buy it. It could be anything from songs to art.

Do your research about NFTs before you start buying and if you need help, Juiced IO is always there to give you a hand.

NFTs are being doubted right now just like Bitcoin was doubted almost a decade ago and look at it now. Don’t make the same mistake so many people did with Bitcoin and write it off.

In today’s digital age, NFTs fit right in with the way society is moving. We’re moving toward a world of more tech, augmented reality, and fewer physical assets. NFTs are a great reflection of all three of those things.

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