Make Money Reselling Limited Video Games

It’s hard to imagine making money from reselling video games because the price of video games is something that doesn’t really have an aftermarket. Well, the price of regular video games doesn’t really have an aftermarket.

Limited edition video games can sell for a lot of money depending on how long you hold onto them, when you decide to sell, and which limited edition game you were able to purchase.

Video game developers like the idea of releasing limited edition games because it gives the idea of that game being more sought-after. WIth fewer copies on the market of a video game, that means fewer people are able to play it and for the rest of the people who want to play it, they’ll be more inclined to spend more money on it.

So, how can you figure out which video games will sell for more later down the road? Here’s a quick guide.

Join Juiced IO

You can skip all market research and become a member of Juiced IO if you really want to find the best information about video games to resell. As soon as profitable video games become available, you’ll be notified by the Juiced IO community on your phone.

On top of video games, a ton of other items are posted daily in the Juiced IO group that you can take advantage of. Make money reselling video games, sneakers, collectibles, and so much more by becoming a member of Juiced IO.

Look for limited edition stock numbers

Some video game developers make customers specifically aware that there is a limited number of copies being produced for certain games. Not only does this guarantee that the game will sell out but it also allows for an aftermarket price to start forming.

More developers are setting limits for copies of video games so it’s always best to read up on when certain games are releasing and how you can get your hands on them. If you were a member of Juiced IO then this kind of information would already be done for you. All you'd have to do is buy and sell the game.

See what’s already selling

Any video game that you can accumulate for a low price or already own has an aftermarket value that people are willing to pay. But just like any other kind of sellable item, there are only certain kinds that will fetch you a real profit.

You need to do market research to determine which kinds of video games sell on the aftermarket for a profit. After you’ve discovered that information you can then turn toward investing your money in those video games.

It’s always best to avoid sports games like Madden, NBA2K, and other sports that are tied to a specific year are dated. This means that a new game comes out every year and completely diminishes the value of previous years.

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Start reselling.

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Start reselling.

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