How You Can Invest In LEGO Sets

Most of us had a set of LEGOs when we were younger. We built them, our dogs tried to eat them, and our moms yelled at us when it was time to tear them down.

What seems like such a basic toy has gained a lot of traction in different markets of collectibles and can now be sold for a lot more than what they were worth.

You might be asking yourself “But how can such a straightforward toy be worth so much money?

The answer to that question — and more — can be found below.

LEGO sets retire

LEGO sets are able to be profitable because they retire after a certain number of years on the market. Typically, this number of years is 2. After 2 years, most sets retire and will never be sold by the LEGO company again.

This is where you come in. You can buy them as they retire, which means they are typically on clearance at the time, and hold them for a short bit after their retirement date.

You’ll notice the aftermarket value on that set start to rise and that’s the goal.

Join Juiced IO

By joining Juiced IO, you’ll get detailed information about exactly which sets to buy to make the most money and when to buy them.

Juiced IO doesn’t just inform its members about LEGO sets but it also informs them about upcoming sneakers to resell, collectibles to flip, and more!

If you want to start making money by reselling online then Juiced IO is the way to go.

List them on the aftermarket

After you see that the LEGO sets that you bought near their retirement date have gone up in value, now is the time to sell.

Most people list on Amazon but if you don’t want to do that then you can list on eBay as well.

Pros of LEGO set investing

Buying and reselling LEGO sets like this is a great way to 2x or 3x your money if you know what you’re doing. It’s similar to reselling sneakers by holding them for the long term except the buy-in price isn’t as high as a pair of Jordans is.

Just to get you started, some popular LEGO sets include Harry Potter LEGO sets, Star Wars LEGO sets, and architecture LEGO sets. Starting your research with these three kinds of sets will get your mind thinking about other sets you can invest in to make money on.

Cons of LEGO set investing

The problem with investing in LEGO sets is that sometimes they take a significantly long time to appreciate in value. It might take 1 year or 5 years after the set retires to be able to make money on your investment.

That’s why you need to be aware of the risk you’re taking, do your research, and join Juiced IO to figure out which sets will be the best bang for your buck.

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