How to Purchase Sneaker Bots at Retail Price

In the world of reselling sneakers, sneaker bots are the kings. With the right bot, you can purchase the most sought-after sneakers and make the most money reselling them.

However, as you’d imagine, obtaining these bots can be just as difficult as obtaining the sneakers. A lot of the time, bots will release copies on social media and the first few people who can get through will obtain the bots. This causes problems for many people because it’s near impossible to purchase a bot using this method.

If you’re unable to cop the bought you want through their online releases, many people turn to aftermarkets to see if they can pay resale for a bot they want. Most of the time, the resale price for a bot that’s only a couple hundred dollars at retail will be a couple thousand dollars. While some people can afford to do this, for most people buying bots on the aftermarket isn’t an option.

The other way many sneaker bots are released can be through group buys/partners. If you’re a member of Juiced IO then you know every week the group offers different group buys or partnerships with different bots. From raffle bots to Nike SNKR bots, Juiced IO has partnerships with the most popular sneaker bot companies. This means members have access to exclusive deals and discounts on the same bots that are difficult to obtain otherwise.

Additionally, Juiced IO gives members free weekly access to top-tier sneaker bots as part of their memberships. From bots like Cyber to NSB, Juiced IO members get access to it all.

If you’re not yet a member of Juiced IO but you want to obtain a sneaker bot at retail price then your options are very limited.

Cop on a release
As previously stated, you can try your hardest to purchase a sneaker bot when they are released on social media. You’ll need a lot of luck because such limited quantities are released that most people think bot makers do this just to create hype around their bots.

Rent a bot
Many people take this route. Instead of buying a bot, they choose to pay and rent it out for a certain period of time. Sometimes rentals last a day, a week, or a month. It all depends on what you agree to when you rent the bot.

Many people are able to secure a rental of the bot they want for significantly less than the aftermarket price to buy it. Keep in mind that even renting some top-tier bots can be expensive in the range of hundreds of dollars.

Join Juiced IO
Your best bet is to become a member of Juiced IO. Each week you can try one of the many different top-tier bots they offer for free and see which ones you like the most.

Additionally, you can also get free access to raffle bots that Juiced IO has partnerships with and other information about resellable items that you can make money from. It’s really the most bang for your buck.

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