How to Find Profitable Sports Cards at Walmart and Barnes & Noble


Finding sports cards in-store can be extremely difficult in today’s society because of how valuable they have become.

Cards from companies like Panini and Don Russ have skyrocketed in value, especially when it comes to sports like football and basketball. It’s near impossible to find these kinds of cards sitting on shelves because they sell out immediately.

People line up during the restock days and buy out entire stores. It’s become so bad that retailers like Target had to stop selling sports cards because grown men were getting into fights over them.

Still, it’s not impossible to find sports cards in-store. Walmart and Barnes & Noble still sell them. All you really need to do is find out when the vendor comes to stock the shelves at these stores and beat everyone else to the front of the line.

There are 3 steps you can take to start making money reselling sports cards and how to start beating other buyers.

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Find when the vendor stocks shelves

Timing up the vendor is key. Other buyers in your area have already mastered this and that’s why they are there the moment shelves are stocked. For the most part, vendors stock shelves on the same day every week and this makes them extremely predictable.

How can you figure out which day the vendor comes?

Well, you could try asking the employees of the store but usually, you’ll receive funny looks when you try to do this because they don’t actually work closely with the vendor. Vendors are hired by a third party.

A better way is by simply showing up at the store every day throughout the week. If you show up one day and see the card section has been reorganized or you see any product that wasn’t there the day before then you know the previous day was restocking day. Boom, now you know when the vendor comes.

Get there first on restock day

If you’re aiming for getting a restock at Walmart then there’s a chance you’ll need to line up in the store extremely early in the morning. We’re talking 5 a.m. or earlier.

That’s the only way you’ll beat other people who buy out the products every week. It’ll be a long wait if you don’t know when the vendor is coming, but it’ll be worth it if you pop in and are first in line on restock day. You could make thousands in profit on one day alone.

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