Have You Tried Reselling Telfar Bags?

These popular bags yield way more returns than you would expect

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3 min readMar 24, 2022


Telfar is a fashion company based in Queens, New York, and is most well-known for its line of handbags. Telfar gained lots of popularity in 2020 with the rise of activism and social awareness with BLM protests. A very established and sought-after brand, they have many monthly releases with consistent sell-outs.

Looking at the price history of one of their most popular bags the Black Medium bag on StockX, we can see highs of $600 and a very average price of ~$300 current day.

Now, looking at eBay sales, these clearly sell with very high volume and significant margins. Whether you are looking to sell on eBay or StockX you are bound to make a profit on good colorways!

Telfar releases bags roughly around once a week, and it is a great idea to follow up with their releases. Sticking with basic neutral colors is always a great approach with many different color-ways. Margins vary from color to color however they are generally decently consistent. If you haven’t gotten in on Telfar yet, you’re definitely missing out!

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