Have You Heard? Opensea is soon to be Integrating Solana NFTs to their Marketplace!

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What’s Going On?

The biggest NFT marketplace, Opensea, has been reported to be soon adding Solana NFT integration to their marketplace and wallet support for Phantom Wallet (the most used SOL wallet currently). This is HUGE news for a few reasons:

(i) Opensea would be the first marketplace to have both SOL and ETH NFTs available to buy & sell.

(ii) Opensea is currently the leading NFT marketplace by volume. The addition of Solana NFTs can cause an even larger market for the already massive market of Solana NFTs.

(iii) This is pushing significant steps for a marketplace with support for all NFTs on any blockchain

Opensea has not confirmed the rumors. However, we definitely could be hearing more about this shortly…so keep an eye out for it!

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