Do Raffle Sneaker Bots Work?

With the recent raffle release of the Travis Scott x Fragment x Air Jordan 1 High OG sneakers, it left a lot of room open for discussion about whether or not raffle sneaker bots work.

If you could successfully and quickly enter thousands of entries into a raffle then you have a chance of copping an insanely high number of extremely valuable sneakers.

If you read yesterday’s story about getting sneaker bots for free, then you know how important it is to have a sneaker bot and where you can grab high-tier bots for free.

From Nike SNKRS raffles to boutique raffles, find out how you can use sneaker raffle bots to consistently win more kicks.

Juiced IO

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to become a member of Juiced IO if you want to win more sneaker raffles. Not just for access to the vast number of monitors and resources like that available to Juiced IO members.

Juiced IO is connected to some of the biggest sneaker bot developers, resources for sneaker botting, and so much more. From guides to resell predictions on sneakers, you don’t have to lift a finger to do any research on your own because it’s already done for you.

One of the best parts about joining Juiced IO is that you get access to so much more than just sneakers.

Interested in reselling cards? Juiced IO has that.

How about flipping NFTs or collectibles? Find out how with Juiced IO.

Every resource you need to start reselling items like sneakers, cards, and more online can be found on Juiced IO.

The Shit Bot

The Shit Bot (TSB) has become one of the best-known sneaker raffle bots available on the market. Users have seen a lot of success botting Nike SNKRS, which is rumored to be one of the most difficult platforms to bot due to anti-bot protection.

If you look up the TSB website then you might notice that it costs around $10,000 to purchase the sneaker bot. As laughable as that might sound, it makes sense for such a high-tier sneaker bot.

However, Juiced IO has a partnership with TSB. That’s right, you can get a hefty — and I mean hefty — discount on TSB by becoming a member of Juiced IO.

The discount will help you save money for other resources that you might need to be successful botting sneakers. One example of a necessary resource is a proxy provider. But if you become a Juiced IO member, you might even find a resource to get a deal on proxies as well.

Conclusion: Raffle bots are worth it

With more and more releases moving toward raffles these days, having a good raffle bot is more than worth your time and money. Choose wisely!

Looking to start reselling? Sign up now at



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