Are Vinyls Worth Reselling?

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Within the past year, the collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially. Vinyls play a key role in collectibles reselling being one of the most profitable and easy to get releases.


Vinyls have been reselling for many years now, it’s not something new to the scene. Especially with collector's pieces, signed, and limited edition ones they can be extremely profitable. Whether it is movie tracks or singers' albums, there is always an opportunity to buy and sell for a profit as long as the exposure is there.

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Another great plus of vinyls is that they are generally not too expensive to get into allowing for even larger margins. Usually ranging from ~$20-$50.

There is a huge amount of opportunity when it comes to vinyl reselling, a few good flips and you’re easily clearing a couple of hundred dollars in profit.

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