Are Prints Worth Reselling?

The collectibles market (prints, figurines, vinyls, etc.) has grown substantially within the past year. Limited edition prints play a crucial role in collectibles reselling, being one of the most profitable and easy to get releases.


Prints are the foundation when it comes to collectibles. Art has been selling for years now. Fans love prints covering their favorite movie, character, item, etc. With a vast amount of print releases every week, there is a huge market for many prints.

Print prices vary. They can be as cheap as $25 or as expensive as $500. Depending on the artist and edition size, that is the most significant determining factor in prints’ retail price.

The sales volume for these prints is also extremely high, depending on which release you go for. Fans and collectors will go right over these prints depending on what the print covers or who the artist is. You just need to know which are profitable.

Many sites cover a multitude of print releases such as Mondo, BottleNeckGallery, ObeyGiant, etc. With so many different print releases per week, there is a huge amount of opportunity when it comes to these releases.

“Art is a long-term investment, and while the art market can be stable or show large returns on investment during boom times, it is one asset that can easily plummet in value during seasons of recession.”

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