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3 min readJan 28, 2022


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The Air Jordan 3 “Desert Cement” releases on April 30th, 2022, for $200. The Jordan 3s have always been an extremely popular style of Jordans, and with this “aged” look, it looks to be a hit!


This color-way is most similar to the “Retro Black Cement” released in 2018. The Black Cements has been one of the most popular color-ways in the Jordan 3 line and currently sells for around $400.

Although similar to the Black Cements, these do not seem to be as hyped so don’t expect these to perform with similar numbers to the Black Cements. That being said, these should still do pretty solid:

Resell Prediction: $275-$325
Expect a slight dip after initial release followed by a pretty linear growth upwards of the $300s.

The chances of these “bricking” are relatively low, so mark these down on your calendar, and best of luck to you if you plan on going for this release!

Since we are still early and a few months away from release, some of this information is subject to change. Always be sure to check StockX leading up to the drop for a more up-to-date resell estimation as we get closer to the launch date.


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What are preorders and how do they work?

Preorders are a simple way to get the most exclusive sneakers without having to wake up early for drops, set up your bots, and wait for restocks! And the best part? It’s for under retail!

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For a step by step guide, check here:

  • Please allow for 1–4 month shipping time from the release date.
  • All pairs are 100% authentic and are legit checked before shipment

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