Air Jordan 3 “Dark Iris” Resell Predictions

How much profit can you make on the Air Jordan 3 “Dark Iris”?

4 min readAug 20, 2022
The Air Jordan 3 “Dark Iris”

The Jordan 3 is one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. The Dark Iris color way is a new take on the classic Jordan 3, and it’s set to release on August 24th on the SNKRS app. It features a white upper and elephant print around the toe cap and heel. Dark Iris Purple on the back of the midsole and the dimpled ankle tab make this sneaker a clean color way. How will the “Dark Iris” do in terms of resell?

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Air Jordan 3 Information

When it comes to Jordan 3s, we are reminded of the designing genius of Tinker Hatfield. He’s the man responsible for designing some of the most iconic sneakers of all time, and the Jordan 3 is no exception. The Jordan 3 was released in 1988, and it was the first Jordan sneaker to feature the now-famous elephant print around the toe cap and heel accent. The Jordan 3 was also the first Jordan sneaker to feature a visible air bubble in the heel, and it remains one of the most popular Jordan sneakers to date.

How will the Air Jordan 3 “Dark Iris” hold up in the resell market? Find out by reading below.

Our Resell Predictions On The Air Jordan 3 “Dark Iris”

Even though the Air Jordan 3 has been one of the most beloved Jordan out of the Retro Jordan line, we find that this colorway will not deliver big profit in terms of resale. Looking back at the previous release of the Jordan 3 “Cardinal Red”, resell prices are around the $250 mark. With retail being at $200, the $50 profit doesn’t sound too bad. But once you consider sales tax in some states as well as shipping cost it can greatly reduce your potential earnings. Throwing in the 6 month hold time for said profit, might not be the best investment.

The Dark Iris isn’t much of popular color way in terms of resell. Sneakers containing Chicago Bulls colors — red, black, and white typically hold the highest resell across the Jordan line.

Expect the AJ3 “Dark Iris” resell prices to be around $225-$240.

If you do decide to resell the Dark Iris Jordan 3, it would be best to set up a “pre-order” listing on eBay once you receive a confirmation of your pair. Waiting will decrease your potential earnings as prices go down once sellers get their pairs in-hand. Also, listing on local selling platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist may help increase profits due to the absence of seller fees and shipping. It might be a good idea to build clientele to potentially have buyers lined up for sneakers like these as well.

We believe that the Dark Iris will be a brick for resellers. Not a shoe we recommend to flip for a lot of profit.

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