Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX Resell Prediction

The Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX releases Nov. 23, 2021, for $200 in men’s sizes. It’s a unique colorway for a Jordan 1 High and will be a brick for resellers.

It’s hard to tell which direction Jordan 1 Highs will take on the aftermarket these days. They were once an automatic bid for a quick $100 flip or more, but now they are hit and miss on platforms like StockX.

It’s no like that Jordan 1 Highs are still the most popular retro model, but the Jordan 4s are creeping up.

With that said, how much will the Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX go for on the aftermarket? Stick around and read on to find out.

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Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX sneaker information

The Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX is only reselling around $270 on StockX in most sizes at the time of writing this. That’s EXTREMELY low for a Jordan 1 High that is almost 2 weeks from releasing. Not a great sign for resellers.

The GORE-TEX Jordan 1s remind me a lot of the Patina Jordan 1s we saw release earlier this year. It wasn’t a bad colorway, just different. And buyers didn’t like different.

The Patina Jordan 1s were one of the first Jordan 1 Highs to brick in 2021. And the GORE-TEX 1s will likely be not do well on the aftermarket either.

Find out our resell predictions for the Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX below.

Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX resale prediction

Resellers can expect the Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX to brick, hard. They will more than likely not resell for much money.

I could be completely wrong with this, but early resell predictions are already not looking great. That’s strike number 1.

The second strike is the wild colorway that moderatley resembles the Patina Jordan 1 Highs, which also bricked, hard. The GORE-TEX color blocking is extremely similar and that’s not good.

Also, the fact that Air Jordan 1 Highs are hit or miss these days is another reason to not completely commit to this shoe. Unless it’s an OG colorway or a really awesome colorway, it will likely not do well. We aren’t in 2020 anymore where every Jordan 1 High resells for $300. And that’s strike 3 for the Air Jordan 1 GORE-TEX.

If you’re looking for a better release to resell, try the upcoming Cool Grey 11s. They are a great flip.

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