1 Sneaker You Should Save Up Your Money to Resell Later This Year


In the world of reselling sneakers, there are always pairs that are so hyped up that they’re impossible to get, general releases that everyone gets, and perfect pairs that are sort of a combination of both.

There’s a pair coming out in a few months that fits the mold of being hyped and almost guaranteed to be high in stock numbers.

You’ll be able to buy multiple pairs of this sneaker and resell it for a profit immediately or wait months down the road and sell it for a lot more.

So, what is this mystery pair of sneakers you should be saving your money to invest in?

‘Cool Grey’ Air Jordan 11s releasing this winter. Jordan 11s release every holiday season, but this year is special.

Find out why.

Rare retro

The last time Cool Grey 11s released was in 2010. That was over a decade ago. It’s not a common retro.

It means people want pairs because they might not have gotten the chance to buy them 10 years ago. Also, no one knows the next time the sneakers might be released so buyers have the mindset of: “It’s best to get as many as you can in case they aren’t released for another 10 years.”

Stock numbers

For the past few years, stock numbers for the Jordan 11s have been through the roof. We’re talking like hundreds of thousands of pairs made.

If you think that’s going to change this year then you’d be wrong. Just like you’d be wrong if you think they won’t change the cut of the patent leather like they’ve been doing in the previous years.

Since stock numbers will be so high, it seems like your opportunity to buy multiple pairs of the sneaker will go up. And that’s because it’s true, the more pairs released means the better chance you’ll have to cop several pairs to resell.

Demand will be high

The fact that these Cool Greys are Jordan 11s means that there is guaranteed to be a demand that will continue long after release day. We’re talking about a demand that will continue years after this sneaker is released.

So there is no need to worry about a long-term hold that people won’t want to buy after a year or 8 months. People will want Cool Grays for years after they are released. The longer you hold onto them, the more money you can expect to make from them.

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